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Tuesday, December 6, 2022

How do I troubleshoot the AWS Glue error "VPC S3 endpoint validation failed for SubnetId"?

If you are newbie to AWS Glue its really difficult to run the Crawlers without these failures , Below are basic steps you need to make sure done before running the Crawler

  1. AWS IAM Role and Privileges 
  2. S3 Endpoint 

1.AWS IAM Role and Policies 

We have to atleast attach below policies in IAM Role 

2.S3 Endpoint 

Most of the time you will get below error ,  

VPC S3 endpoint validation failed for SubnetId: subnet-0e0b8e2ad1b85d036. VPC: vpc-01bdc81e45566a823. Reason: Could not find S3 endpoint or NAT gateway for SubnetId: subnet-0e0b8e2ad1b85d036 in Vpc vpc-01bdc81e45566a823 (Service: AWSGlueJobExecutor; Status Code: 400; Error Code: InvalidInputException; Request ID: 0495f22f-a7b5-4f74-8691-7de8a6a47b42; Proxy: null)

To fix this error , you need understand the issue first . Its saying 

Create Endpoints for S3 not for Glue , Some worst cases people create Nat Gateway and they loss huge money for simple thing . So you have to create S3 Endpoint Gateway as like below ,

Once we created your job will run like flight :)