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Monday, August 3, 2020

AWS RDS Encryption

What is RDS Encryption ?

We can encrypt Amazon RDS DB instances and snapshots with enabling encryption option for our any amazon RDS instance . It means data is encrypted at rest including underling storage of DB instances , its read replicas , snapshots and automated backups

Amazon RDS encrypted DB instances use the industry standard AES-256 encryption algorithm to encrypt your data on the server that hosts your Amazon RDS DB instances. You don't need to modify your database client applications to use encryption.

For encrypted and unencrypted DB instances, data that is in transit between the source and the read replicas is encrypted, even when replicating across AWS Regions

Possibilities to encrypt RDS Instance :

Using snapshot copy option we have to enable encryption for RDS snapshot , and restore the snapshot with new instance

  1. Take snapshot of current production instance
  2. Copy snapshot with enabled encryption
  3. Restore the snapshot with different instance identifier
  4. Rename the current production instance identifier to proddb-old

Once renamed production instance , rename instance identifier of encrypted RDS to current production name

Steps to Encrypt RDS instance : 

Step 1 : Take a snapshot of unencrypted RDS instance with any specified name

Take a snapshot

Step 2 : Make a copy of snapshot with encryption enabled option

copy snapshot

Here , we can add default master key else if any consumer keys available use the same

Note : Encrypted read replicas must be encrypted with the same key as the source DB instance when both are in the same AWS Region

encryption enable

Step 3 : We are ready with encryption enabled snapshot copy


Step 4 : Restore rdssnapshotwithencryption

restore snapshot

We have launch the instance identifier with rdssnapshotwithencryption

Step 5 : Except Naming convention and other network parameters should be same as unencrypted RDS instance

DB Instance identifier : encrypted-instance

Virtual private cloud (VPC) : Same like unencrypted instance  

new instance launch

VPC security group : Same like unencrypted instance

DB instance class : Same like unencrypted instance

Step 6 : Once instance has been launched , verify the configuration of encryption

configuration validation

Step 7 : Instance identifier change

Change instance identifier name to _old for unencrypted instance , and change encrypted instance name to production name

identifier change

Step 8 : verify the application connectivity with encrypted instance

If anything goes wrong , we just need to rename the instance Identifier name in max 2 minutes without major downtime

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