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Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Multi Source Replication from GCP Cloud MySQL to Percona XtraDB Cluster

It is easy to migrate the MySQL databases from one cloud provider to another cloud provider , but without downtime is little difficult to migrate the 1 TB of data . Using GTID based replication is easy to achieve in few hours of effort

Before go into detail , we will go through explanations of each things,

What is Cloud MySQL ?

Google Cloud Managed service for MySQL Database servers . It is supporting MySQL 5.6 and 5.7 with first and second generation instances . First and Second generation differs with allocating RAM and Storage

What is Percona xtradb cluster ?

Synchronous multi-master replication using percona MySQL server and percona xtrabackup using galera Library . As recommended it should contains odd number of nodes and same data spanned with all nodes

What is multi-source replication ?

MySQL multi-source replication enables a replication slave to receive transactions from multiple immediate masters in parallel

In this scenario , we have to migrate more than 3 GCP Cloud MySQL Managed instances into

Percona Galera Cluster . Before proceed to migrate the data , it is requires to compare MySQL 5.7 and Percona MySQL 5.7

So that we can avoid impact after migrating the data into new server

Instructions follow to setup multi source replication ,

  • In GCP MySQL Instance , take a user database backup from each instances separately through mysqldump or using export in GCP GUI Console and move to backup files to destination server using gsutil or scp utility

mysqldump --user=root --password --host=gcpinstance1 sourcedb1 > mysqldump1.sql

mysqldump --user=root --password --host=gcpinstance2 sourcedb2 > mysqldump2.sql

  • Before goes to next steps , we have to ready with three node percona XtraDB cluster environment before proceeds with next steps
  • In Percona XtraDB Cluster end , need to modify below server variables in my.cnf file for GTID based replication and restart mysql service


Same Changes needs to edit for additional node of percona cluster

  • Restore multiple source cloud mysql backup into one percona cluster instance

mysql --user=root --password --host=perconainstanceslave < mysqldump1.sql

mysql --user=root --password --host=perconainstanceslave < mysqldump2.sql

  • Once restore is completed , we need to add multiple source of GCP Cloud MySQL instances into single percona cluster instance using below command



One we execute this , we will get below error due to applied transactions exists already in slave server or we will get duplicate transactions issues commonly

Slave_IO_Running: No

Slave_SQL_Running: Yes

Last_IO_Error: Got fatal error 1236 from master when reading data from binary log: 'The slave is connecting using CHANGE MASTER TO MASTER_AUTO_POSITION = 1, but the master has purged binary logs containing GTIDs that the slave requires.'

  • So,We need to get gtid_purged values from each separate source backups to ignore the deleted transactions in the binary log and troubleshoot above issues
Get gtid values

cat mysqldump1.sql | grep GTID_PURGED | cut -f2 -d'=' | cut -f2 -d$'''

cat mysqldump2.sql | grep GTID_PURGED | cut -f2 -d'=' | cut -f2 -d$'''

  • To set global GTID_PURGED values , needs to do reset master in percona galera cluster . If server is in cluster not possible to execute reset master command . Needs to disable wsrep_provider variable in wsrep.conf to execute reset master and restart mysql service in slave server

#wsrep_provider = /usr/lib/galera/

  • Once mysql service is restarted , we can able to do reset master in percona galera cluster server and set GTID_PURGED values


Configure gtid values

Check Show Slave Status G :

Slave Status

We able to see slave server is get synced in few minutes , and seconds_behind_master is 0

Check Show Processlist :

Highlighted the multi master servers ( two servers ) is syncing to slave server


Once completed all the steps , enable cluster wsrep_provider variable in wsrep.conf and restart mysql service in slave server

Verify once again the slave status and processlist :)

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