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Wednesday, October 14, 2020

RDS Snapshot Share with Automated or Manual Backups ?

Objective :

Launch production server clone in to another AWS account using RDS snapshots

We can do ?

There are multiple ways to do RDS data extract in AWS . We can take using manual snapshot , automated snapshot , export data to S3 and AWS backup service

What we can do most of time ?

To create clone of production server , it is easy way to create snapshot and launch new instance

But , Our Requirement to copy the snapshot in to different AWS account and launch copy of production .

Mostly we try with RDS automated snapshots to copy or share into different account . But in this case we can't share automated snapshots to different account

Automated snapshots

We can export data to S3 as well , but its required some efforts as well .

So possibilities is to take a manual snapshot and share into different account like below steps . Below screenshot refers manual snapshot of MySQL RDS in source AWS account

Source AWS account

Snapshot sharing into target AWS account

share snapshot to target account

Shared RDS snapshot on target AWS account

target AWS account

Then we can proceed to launch clone of production instance into different account .



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