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Monday, December 16, 2019

Sensitive Data Cleaning with MasKING

Wow !!! Its easy too restore sensitive data without any fear !!!

Its really tough sometimes , we restored the sensitive data without knowing and test mails triggered to customer as $100 deducted from your account for purchase . Its strange scenario when we missed to cleansing the customer data in DEV Sandbox !!!

Yes MasKING sensitive / Credential is easy now !!! Reference :

Just tried simple practice for masking the paymentdb table data with masking , Its working as expected

Step 1 : Installed latest Ruby version and masking using below commands . Before doing install , update the server with latest packages

rvm install ruby-2.6.3

gem install masking

Step 2 : Create masking.yml file anywhere in your linux machine . I have created the file inside etc directory with below values

In this address is table in paymentdb and name , email are few columns in address table

Step 3 : Now ready to take backup with masking utility of paymentdb

mysqldump --complete-insert -u root -p paymentdb | masking -c /var/lib/mysql/masking.yml > /tmp/paymentdb.sql

Step 4 : Restoring the paymentdb backup database into paymentdb_masked

mysql -u root -p paymentdb_masked < /tmp/paymentdb.sql

Step 5 : Yay !!! Data has been successfully masked with masking utility . Results are below

Yup !!! Saved one more escalation !!! Thanks to MasKING :)


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